Top 5 Reasons I Wrote a Book About Quantum Computing for Business

Brian Lenahan
4 min readMay 19, 2021

When I started writing about artificial intelligence five years ago, and after writing four books and dozens of articles on the subject, the natural next step would be discovering the platform it would run on in the future. As more and more articles began to appear, particularly ramping up in 2019, about a relatively new technology (although its’ origins go back 100 years to Einstein, Bohr and their colleagues), my interest in quantum computing flourished.

Analogous to any new technology, players in science, academia, industry and government held vastly different views on what was an unproven technology, without standards, without a dominant format and with predictions of commercial viability 10 or more years out. Quantum computing, based on the smallest elements in the universe and their fascinating properties of entanglement and superposition possesses a long runway ahead, with new discoveries daily.

Reason #1 — People

Yet for business people, is this technology too futuristic to be a viable tech tool to address their immediate and medium-term priorities and goals? That was reason number one for writing “Quantum Boost: Using Quantum Computing to Supercharge Your Business”. Providing examples of practical use cases and applications to business leaders and professionals contributes vivid portraits of how others are leveraging the technology today, in 2021. Not years or decades in the distance. Whether you’re a CEO, engineer, scientist, municipal leader, or a myriad of other roles in society, quantum computing will have an impact on your career and your projects. Route optimization in Beijing, financial models at JP Morgan Chase, pharmaceutical modelling by QuPharm, and vehicle paint selection at Volkswagen represent a fraction of the use cases business people can investigate to apply to their own opportunities. No one appeared to be writing books about quantum computing directed to business people, thus Quantum Boost was born.

Reason #2 — The Market

I could suggest that a technology that, according to McKinsey and Co, which will generate $1 trillion (with a “T”) in market value by 2030 sounds like a sure fire winner of a topic for a book. Surging media interest in quantum computing — up 64% in 2020 from the previous year, according to CB Insights — also seeded the idea to share a book on the subject. Not to mention the billions of dollars being invested by governments in national programs in the UK, Germany, France, the US, China, the Netherlands…the list goes on and on.

Reason #3 — Quantum is Hard

I must admit a personal trait — intense, bordering on obsessed, curiousity about interesting subjects. I’m not a quantum physicist, PhD, nor am I a lifelong scientist of any kind. But after years of working with businesses, directing their AI strategy, I realized that no subject could not be turned into a business persons dialogue. It took two years to study, read, watch, and write about quantum computing to truly understand its inner workings. Quantum computing is hard. Yet it can also be easy when translated. It is a computing platform, with a tech stack, that for the right problems offers a faster, more accurate set of solutions than classical computing. I, like many, maintain classical and hybrid computing will be part of any business toolset for years to come. Quantum computing gives organizations the chance to try to solve problems conventional computing cannot.

Reason #4 — Quantum Compliments AI

Over the last half-decade, I’ve been part of the AI community, lecturing, consulting and writing. I’ve seen the challenges, obstacles, naysayers, pioneers and laggards. And AI has prevailed with machine learning and deep learning leading to AR/VR, enhanced navigation, benefits in accuracy in healthcare including radiology and so much more. Yet AI, fueled by data, needs substantial computing power, not always available even on a supercomputer should you have access to one. Adding quantum computing to the mix, whether through the cloud (the dominant method today) or with your own hardware, provides a new world of possibilities, especially when partnered with artificial intelligence.

Reason #5 — The Quantum Community

It’s the people and their ideas that fascinate me, along with the business people who are challenged to comprehend let alone leverage such a complex technology. Take the group at Quantum London for example. They welcomed a non-quantum scientist, former business executive to their fold with open arms. This meetup group, focusing on the business aspects of quantum computing offered a comfortable launch into the wider quantum world for me and I’m forever grateful. There are over 150 quantum meetup communities around the world today, providing new spaces to discuss this maturing, fascinating technology. Business community participants would be wise to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge inherent in these quantum communities.

I now get to share my insights through my new book Quantum Boost. I hope readers enjoy the quantum journey and find my book a comfortable, productive read.

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Brian Lenahan is the author of four Amazon-published books on artificial intelligence including the Bestseller “Artificial Intelligence: Foundations for Business Leaders and Consultants”. He is a former executive in a Top 10 North American bank, a University Instructor and Mentors scaling companies in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada. Brian’s training in quantum computers comes from CERN/University of Oviedo, and Technische Universiteit Delft, and he writes extensively on quantum computing.


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Brian Lenahan

Brian Lenahan, former executive, advanced tech consultant, author of four Amazon-published books on AI and the author of the upcoming book “Quantum Boost”