Edusity Partners with AI Expert Brian Lenahan to Offer Business Leaders Crucial Learning Opportunity

Brian Lenahan
2 min readApr 8, 2021

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Mississauga, Ontario — (Newsfile Corp. — April 6, 2021) — Edusity, a Canadian-owned online education delivery platform and LMS, is pleased to announce its partnership with Brian Lenahan, an internationally-recognized expert on Artificial Intelligence strategy, and business consultant. The partnership sees Lenahan’s self-study course Artificial Intelligence for Business offered on the

“We are thrilled to have instructors of Brian’s caliber on our platform,” says Edusity co-founder Arvind Betala. “We created Edusity to offer cutting-edge learning opportunities to the curious learners of the world. Expertise knows no boundaries and either should access to knowledge.”

The course comes at an important time in society’s application of AI to business and daily life.

“AI is everywhere. In your car, in your home and in how your business operates,” says course creator Brian Lenahan. “Applying artificial intelligence to marketing lists, repetitive accounting functions, recruiting activities, customer interactions and more means professionals and business leaders need to understand AI and the opportunities it affords now.”

The course is designed to guide business leaders and professionals through the potential mine field of Artificial Intelligence

“AI’s evolution has been filled with hype, the fear of the black box, and the risks associated with errors and bias, yet done right AI can propel one’s business forward, enhancing competitiveness,” says Lenahan. “This course provides clarity on what AI is, what it can do, and how to successfully implement it in your business.”

Edusity is a Canadian start up just breaking into the EdTech market. It offers an LMS platform to the B2B market and courses to the B2C market via

Brian Lenahan is the author of the books Artificial Intelligence Foundations for Business Leaders and Consultants and Deep Health Using Artificial Intelligence to Live Longer and Healthier. His course is open for registration on the Edusity platform at


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Brian Lenahan

Brian Lenahan, former executive, advanced tech consultant, author of four Amazon-published books on AI and the author of the upcoming book “Quantum Boost”